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Leksands Triangle Crispbread is a Normal baked Multi-Grain Rye Crispbread. Triangle bread is a round crisp sliced into portions, just enough for most people. Triangle are easy to handle and fits well in the bread basket. They are packaged in small packets and are particularly suitable for small households and for those who want a variety of Leksands crispbreads at home. This crisp bread is a tender and good crisp bread baked according to old family recipes on wholemeal, water from own source, yeast and a pinch of salt. An everyday favorite that fits any occasion. Package Weight: 200g Nutrition / PER 100g Energy / KJ 1485 Energy kcal 352 Protein 9.6 Fat (crude's natural fat) 2.4 Carbohydrates 65 Fiber 16. Leksands Crispbread is a Product of Sweden.