Lavender Vanilla Flavored Cocktail Rim Sugar, Perfect for Martinis, Champagne Cocktails, Sweet Tea


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lavender vanilla flavored cocktail rim sugar adds sparkle and a delicious sweetness to your martinis, champagne cocktails or sweet tea.

We've turned our pastel purple colored sugar into a flavored rimming sugar by infusing the organic cane sugar crystals with organic culinary lavender and fair-trade Hawaiian vanilla beans. It's a
favorite rimming sugar we use when making lemon drop martinis or champagne cocktails at home. Lately, though, we've been stirring spoonfuls into our afternoon tea when friends come over for an impromptu
tea party.

The sugar crystals glisten in the light like tiny jewels, with just hint of purple. It's the color of lavender flowers just at the beginning of their bloom.

This is for one food-grade tin. The container is 2.8 inches wide and .875 inches high, and holds 2.5 ounces of the sugar crystals. The tin is smaller than the diameter of a standard martini glass.

There is enough sugar to rim at least 15 to 18 standard martini glasses, or up to 20 champagne flutes, depending on the size of the glass and thickness of the rim. You easily
can rim more glasses if you opt for a thinner rim. Bulk bags and larger volumes are available.

Each tin comes packages in a clear gift bag, tied with a ribbon. It includes an instruction sheet on how to rim a drink glass and drink recipes.

We also take custom orders, in case you want different quantities. Interested in a different color? Different flavor?