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Large Farmhouse Antique Partition Folding Screen

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Large Farmhouse Antique Partition Folding Screen

Made with lots of love. This is for a very large, three panel, folding, French country, solid walnut & wrought iron partition. The wrought iron is inlaid into the upper portion of each of the solid wood panels. This antique or vintage partition has been newly refinished in a heavily distressed, eggshell white with green & copper undertones on stained solid wood. 

The partition has been distressed & painted in stages. It has been sanded, then stained before being painted in layers. The partition has then been sanded a second time to bring out the layers of underlying color, stained wood & natural wood grain giving the piece a natural patina look. Finally the entire partition has been sealed from top to bottom with a polyurethane finish for added durability. 

This is a solid walnut & wrought iron partition & it is very heavy. It is free standing & very, very sturdy. The partition has been newly refinished & is in excellent condition. This is a very unique, one of a kind piece, done with lots of time & attention to detail.

Height - 68.75" (5' 8.75")
Total length - 55" (4' 7.5")
3 Panels - 68.75" x 18.5" each