Italian Hearts Pasta Sauce - Pasta Amore, 3 Meat & Vegetarian


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Bella Amore' Pasta Sauce w/ spicey kick

Materials: Italian tomatoes, organic paste, organic garlic, organic spices, organic herbsorganic chili flakes, olive oil, awesome wine, pinch of organic sugar

No other sauce like this one! Comfort food at its finest because it is also heart healthy, full of antioxidants!  Our Bella Amore’ Pasta Sauce is a marriage between Papa Sal’s and Mama Val’s family recipes.  This sauce has a spicy kick! Handcrafted  in small batches with Val’s spicy meatballs!  Not included in the sauce as they would take up too much room. We recommend you serve this sauce tossed with cooked penne’ pasta so you don‘t miss a drop! Top with Romano cheese to recreate that old world flavor.  Can be served with anything including fish.  Be creative!   Buon Appettito with love from our Italian Hearts to yours! Made in commercial kitchen.


Papa Sal's 3 Meat  Pasta Sauce

Materials: Italian organic spices, organic garlic, organic sugar, olive oil, organic chilis, organic basil, natural beef, natural pork, no hormones, wine used in cooking process, organic paste, Italian Style Tomatoes, Italian Sausage

Our original  hearty meat sauce made with sweet Italian pork sausage, pork ribs, and chuck roast is a tribute to an old family recipe created by Papa Sal's  grandfather.  Seasoned with a unique blend of organic spices.  Its a savory sauce you can serve on pasta, fish or meats. Made in certified commercial kitchen. Gluten Free 24 oz!                   


Val's  Vegetarian Gourmet Sauce

Materials: portabella mushrooms, olive oil, organic paste, organic onions, organic carrots, organic garlic, organic parsley, organic basil, organic red pepper, Italian tomatoes, sea salt pepper, Organic chilis, wine used in the cooking process

Our veggie sauce contains many fresh local Organic vegetables that we give a  rough chop to give it a hearty texture!   The flavors of tomatoes stewed in basil, garlic, wine, baby portabella mushrooms, dominate the flavors. Sweetened with organic carrots and onions. And a hint of red bell peppers.  Delicious! This sauce has limitless possibilities including a soup base. Many heat it up and drink it adding nothing! It would be awesome tossed with your favorite pasta or use it over any vegetable, seafood, be creative!  Excellent to use to make lasagna. Made in small batches, slow cooked.  Gourmet at its finest!   Fantastic layers of flavors and your eating your veggies! You could use it to make pizza or eggplant parmesan! We added it to sautéed vegetables, served it with organic rice and wild salmon, really wonderful. See our picture for example.Or simply heat it up and dip garlic bread in it! The sauce is GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN Made in commercial kitchen, Quote from one of our customers: Sal, I have tried the vegetarian and it is one of the best sauces I have ever had. You have a winner. You have a unique flavor. Pete