Hu Gems

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Baking was the foundation of the Hu Chocolate line. In 2012, our Hu Kitchen restaurant bakers needed a chocolate for our paleo pastries. Our chocolate bar line arose from that baking chocolate, which we now bring to you. Meet Hu Gems.

    • Hexagon-shaped chocolate chunks made from organic cacao  
    • Rich cocoa flavor punctuated by subtle caramel notes (similar to our Simple chocolate bar) –  a solid (read: addictive) choice for both snacking AND baking

House-Ground Organic Cacao (70%)
Each bag is 9 oz.
Paleo | Vegan | Certified Gluten-Free

Hu Gems are hexagons – a robust, efficient shape ubiquitous in nature. Hexagons are the foundation of many natural phenomena. So it only made sense that Hu Gems, the foundation of our entire Hu Chocolate line and our Hu Kitchen baked goods, were shaped like....well, you get it.

TLDR: Hexagons have cool symbolic meanings behind them – in nature and for Hu. But they also just look DOPE when baked. We're talking about a major glow-up for your cookies/muffins/etc.

So go ahead...leave those moms at the bake sale scratching their heads about the nutritious, delicious, AND instagram-worthy treats you just strolled in with. You savage.