Gudbrandsdalsost TINE (Norwegian Brown Cheese) - Sliced - Brunost

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Gudbrandsdalsost TINE (Norwegian Brown Cheese) - Sliced - Brunost
130 grams, about 12 slices.
Most Norwegians have grown up with this highly regarded brown cheese. 
TINE Gudbrandsdalsost is the original Norwegian brown cheese, also known as just G35, with a history dating back to 1863. The cheese is made from a mixture of cow and goat milk. The taste is round, full-bodied and caramel-like. 
Norway’s national cheese

Most Norwegians eat the brown cheese on their sandwiches, cut into thin slices by using a cheese slicer, (another Norwegian invention). However, the cheese can also be used on waffles, and as an ingredient in e.g. brownies or sauces.

Norwegian brown cheese has a centuries long tradition, made by leftover whey and sugar, originally from goat's milk. It is one of Norway's most well-known signature foods, and goes very well with whole wheat bread and butter or some jam/jelly.
Gudbrandsdalsost: The original dark cheese with a distinct sweet caramel taste and a dark color with a mix of goat milk and cow milk.
Fløtemysost: Perhaps the most popular of the brown cheeses in Norway. It has a lighter color than the traditional gudbrandsdalsost, and is made primarily of heavy cream and whey.
Millom: A sweet, round taste, something in between fløtemysost and gudbrandsdalsost. A bit darker than fløtemysost, while lighter than gudbrandsdalsost.
Fløtemysost light: Less fat and calories than the regular fløtemysost.
Ekte geitost/real goat cheese: Brown cheese made 100% of goat milk, goat whey and goat cream.
Innherredost: Yet another dark cheese with a very sweet taste.

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