Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Beef Burgers - 8 patties

Greg Norman's Signature

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Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Beef Burgers - 8 patties

8 patties, 5.3 oz ea

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Deliciously marbled, these premium Wagyu (also known as Kobe-style) burgers are the most flavorful we’ve tasted yet! Made from premium Wagyu beef, they’re full of that mouth-watering fat that just melts in your mouth. Watch out for flare-ups if grilling - grill pan recommended. 

These beautifully juicy Wagyu Beef Burgers come from golf and ranching legend Greg Norman. Working in partnership with AAco, one of the world’s leading beef producers, they rear prime Wagyu breeds - the same that produce the famous Kobe beef - in the gorgeous Australian outback, naturally and humanely. 
Marble Score: 3
Storage: Store in the freezer for up to 6 months. Once thawed, use within 3 days.
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