Grasshopper /Thin Mint Lollipops - Creme de Menthe & Pure Chocolate - 7 Included

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These are *SO GOOD* 

Flavor wise: Think *Thin Mints* *After Eight* mints...or *Grasshopper* cake 

~ they're a mixture of the smooth, refreshing Creme de Menthe offset by the addicting bite of cocoa nibs.

Besides being delicious (!!) ~ They're a fun way to end a meal at an event ~ Alternately, Brides have used them in gift bags for their out-of-town guests (think of the turn-down mint you get on your pillow) 

Consider these anywhere you'd use an after dinner mint ~ but would like it to have more of an impact. :)

As a fun note: This flavor is my personal favorite - yumbo!

Includes 7 ~ 2inch diameter pops...

Individually wrapped, beautifully packaged ~ 100% Groovy.