Gourmet Vegan Chocolate Sampler - 12 Included

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Choveglac - Chocoalates
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Materials: dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, herbs

You can pick 12 of your favorite flavors
CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING FLAVORS -- Please remember to indicate your preferences in the "Note to Seller" box. If you don't give any preferences I will send you a box with one of each flavor.
Dark chocolate with blueberry cashew butter and cinnamon Dark chocolate with apricot, pineapple and mint (nut free) Dark chocolate with figs, anise and molasses (nut free) Dark chocolate with coconut & orange Dark hazelnut praline White hazelnut praline White chocolate with raspberry walnut and lemon White chocolate with maple pecan butter duo chocolate with banana, brazilnut and poppy seeds duo chocolate with strawberry, almond and vanilla
Best before at least 1 month after purchase Keep the chocolates in a cool place.