Gourmet Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Caramel Truffles Gift Box


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Chocarseatls - Chocolate
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Gourmet Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Caramel Candy Truffles

That says it all. These 2 or 3 bite sized (depending on the size of your nibble) caramels are creamy and carry just the right sprinkle of sea salt to sharpen the flavor of the caramel.  I use Belgian semi sweet
chocolate or if you would like milk chocolate, just let us know.

The are sold in packages of 1/2 pound which works out to be 6 or 7 truffles Made from scratch and nothing artificial in them.


    The shelf life of most milk chocolate is one year; for most dark chocolate, it's two years.    Chocolate keeps best between 65 and 70°F, away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture.

    When refrigerating or freezing chocolate, make sure it is sealed in an airtight container—refrigerators are very humid. Always thaw frozen chocolate in the refrigerator; if it goes straight from the freezer to
room temperature, condensation will form and alter the appearance and texture.    Always allow chilled chocolate to come to room temperature before enjoying it; cold chocolate doesn't melt or disperse flavor as nicely.