Gourmet Marshmallow Sampler Pack, Pick 3 Flavors

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Pick 3 of our current marshmallow flavors (chocolate, cardamom, caramel, maple, espresso, passionfruit or rose vanilla) and you'll get 3 packages of 6 marshmallows each. That's a total of eighteen 1.25" cubes of yummy marshmallow goodness. Please specify the flavors when you order, otherwise we'll choose the flavors for you.

Please store the marshmallows in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: Best consumed within 2 weeks.
Please note that our marshmallows contain gelatin.

Materials: sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, cocoa powder, gelatin, cornstarch, cardamom, maple syrup, chocolate, espresso, passion fruit, various flavors