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Fuglas - Salsa
2.00 LBS
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also available in a 3 pack

A well-grounded red salsa with ripe tomatoes, tomatillos and select guajillo and arbol chiles. Fuego delicately balances the sharpness and spice of arbol chiles and green tomatillos, with the more profound notes of guajillo chiles to create a uniquely versatile salsa experience.

Fuego’s fire produces a gentle warmth that envelops the palate. Reminiscent of calmly burning red coals, its earth symmetry makes it the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of foods and dishes including tacos, quesadillas, eggs, rice, beans and pasta. 

All natural, vegan, kosher and gluten-free. 
No preservatives, no sugar added.
Each jar contains 12 oz.