Foxys Rockin Sophie's Vegan Spring Tuna Salad

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Foxys Rockin Sophie's Vegan Spring Tuna Salad


Author: Foxy's Rockin Recipes 
4 Cans of Sophie's Plant Based Black Pepper Vegan Tuna
1/2 Cup Chopped Onion ( I prefer Red Onions for Color )
One diced Honey Crisp Apple
One Half Cup of diced Green Pepper ( Can  substitute Yellow or Red or mix all 3 for Color )
4 Vegetarian Hard Boiled Eggs.Shells of and diced into small pieces.
Salt to taste
Pepper to Taste
1 Tablespoon House of Webster Apple Butter
1/2 tsp.Ginger
1/3 cup of Lemon Juice ( Can add more to taste )
1/4 cup Saucy Mama's Lime Chipotle Marinade ( Can add more to taste )
1 Small Container of Low Fat Low Calorie Lemon Yogurt
! Small Container of Low Fat Low  Calorie Lime Yogurt
1 Cup Plain Low Fat Low Calorie Yogurt
1 Jar of House of Webster Garlic Mayonaise
3 Tablespoons Minced Garlic
( can add or decrease to your  taste )
Gather all the ingredients together that you need for your recipie.
In addition to your ingredients, you will also need a Large Mixing Bowl 
of your choice,a spatula, and a wooden spoon.
First, open the four cans of tuna and drain them one at a time,
in a collander,place them in a bowl , and set aside.
In the large bowl you have chosen,assemble all the ingredients.
First, assemble all the wet ingredients, and fold them all together,
as you add them, one at a time.
Once you have assembled the wet ingredients, begin adding the
dry ingredients one at a time and blend each one in thoroughly;
you don't want any lumps on your base of your tuna salad.You want
it to be smooth and creamy.
Once all dry ingredients have been blended well with your wet ingredients,
it's time to add you tuna fish.
Put all the tuna fish at once. Mix all together with your wooden spoon.
Now, Taste and enjoy !!! This recipie can be used in a multitude of ways.
You can feel good eating and serving it,as it is kosher,vegan friendly and 
healthy all the way around.......
Lovin it all the way and makin Spring take off with a CRUNCH......
P.S.This tuna salad is a GREAT base for a summer Pasta Salad.....ask me., I know because
I did it..and with more of Sophie's Plant Based Seafood products too,
Boil a 1lb. box of your desired shape of BAIA Pasta made from all organic Whole Durum Wheat,
One Bag of schredded Brocolli Slaw and one package of Sophie's Vegan Smoked Salmon.
Mix all of these ingredients together, then combine them with the Tuna Salad for a fresh and healthy
Vegan take on a Spring and Summer Favorite !!! 

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