Follain Irish Jam

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Follain Irish Jam
"Folláin" is the Gaelic word meaning "all that is wholesome, healthy and natural." A one-hundred-year-old recipe passed on through several generations was the secret of Follain's first product, a chunky grapefruit marmalade. From there, they added more flavors and varieties.

The unpolluted climate of West Cork, where Follain is based, is now famous for good food and stunning surroundings and is the backdrop for the Follain fruit which is hand picked in the surrounding fields and hedgerows.

We carry Follain jams in flavors that are particularly representative of their northern European heritage. For example, gooseberries are large, tart berries that flourish on bushes in northern Europe. They make fabulous jams but are especially famous for the dessert that bears their name, Gooseberry Fool. This dessert is made from cooked gooseberries folded into whipped cream and can be made using this jam. Rhubarb and Ginger is a traditional Irish combination. Rhubarb has a wonderfully tangy flavor while ginger is a warming spice that tickles the tongue and wakes up one's taste buds. 13. oz

Varieties sold separately.