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Dutch Honey Cake by Bolletje

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4.00 LBS
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Dutch Honey Cake by Bolletje

Dutch Honey Cake, or honigkoek, is a traditional recipe from Northern Europe. This dense cake has a rich, sweet flavor reminiscent of honey, cloves, molasses, and other holiday spices. This generous loaf is enough to serve several adult guests as a dessert, or for a couple to snack on throughout the week. Rather than eating the cake on its own, it is better sliced, toasted, and spread with butter (or honey butter, for those of you who like to gild the lilly). When warmed, the notes of spice and caramelized sugar make this a dessert worth savoring. For a traditional twist, top the toasted honey cake with a slice of Nokkelost or Leyden cheese, allowing the bread to warm the cheese through.

14 ounces