TINE Norvegia, a golden Gouda-style Cheese - 1 lb -

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 Tine Norvegia Cheese

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Norwegian Style Gouda Cheese 1 Lb pieces


Whole Loaf 11 Lbs


Norvegia, a golden Gouda-style cheese, is the best-selling cheese in Norway by Tine, the makes of Jarlsberg and Ski Queen Gjetost.  Considered the "people's favorite," Norvegia is a semi-hard, matured cheese, with a mild, sweet taste that ends with a slightly salty, savory finish. Norvegia has relatively few, small, even, round holes. It is pliable and can be easily cut with a knife or cheese slicer.  This cheese is perfect for serving as part of a traditional smorgasbord, or just sliced up for sandwiches or snacks. Tine, a cooperative owned by more than 15.000 Norwegian dairy farmers, is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. Their goal is to provide consumers with traditional cheeses that provide a healthier and positive eating experience.

1 lb

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