Chocolate Dipped Chewy Brownie Bites Sampler - One Dozen


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Chdichbrb - Brownies
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Amazing Chocolate Dipped Chewy Brownie Bites. In 4 great flavor combos. Made with super fresh ingredients and a lot of love! These bites are baked then topped with blended Italian meringue buttercream and chocolate dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

One Dozen

Toasted Coconut: tastes like a super rich Mounds Candy Bar
Peanut butter: silky peanut butter blended with buttercream and topped with crushed roasted peanuts
Salted Caramel: buttercream blended with my very special home made, creamy, salted caramel
Fudge: Chocolate lover's delight for sure. rich deep fudge, dipped in dark chocolate, with milk chocolate drizzles