Butter Rum Caramelized Bananas Foster Lollipops - 7 Included

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Bansrmops - Candy
2.00 LBS
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As a restaurant pastry chef - this was one of my most popular ice cream flavors. I could not keep it in stock when I made it....and for good reason! 

Think: Caramelized - Buttery - Vanilla- Brown Sugary - Banana Goodness.

On a stick! :)

There really isn't more to say other than 'delicious' ~ the flavor is nice, creamy banana - with a bit of brown sugar and a touch of vanilla bean and dark rum for complexity. 

Topped with organic banana chips and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. These are just delicious.....

Includes 7 ~ 2inch diameter pops...

Individually wrapped, beautifully packaged ~ 100% Groovy.