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Brie Brule for Brie Cheese - select from 4 flavors

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Brie Brule for Brie Cheese - select from 4 flavors
Inspired by the classical French dessert, Petit Maison have applied the decadence of a crusty caramelized sugary top to the warm, silky luxury of baked Brie. The perfect union of two brilliant foods resulting in an appetizer of unparalleled goodness. Simply remove the top of the rind and sprinkle Brie Brûlé on top. Bake uncovered for about 20 minutes or until gently softened. Finish under the broiler to form a golden brown crusty top. Voilà! The presentaion not only looks beautiful but the flavors also complement Brie perectly. Don't be surprised when people ask you for the recipe! Perfect for holiday gatherings and comforting cold weather snacking.
Choose from 4 Wildly Delicious flavors:
  • Caramel Spice With Almonds Brie Brûlé:
  • Cherry Pistachio Brie Brûlé
  • Chocolate With Fleur De Sel And Hazelnuts Brie Brûlé
  • Honey Orange With Black Pepper Brie Brûlé
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