Bethmale Chevre by Jean Faup - 7.5oz

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Bethmale Chevre by Jean Faup - 7.5oz

Bethmale is the most famous of the mixed-milk cheeses from the Pyrenees. It is named after the village where it is made, located in the Couserans region of the Comte de Foix. Its flavor is tangy and somewhat spicy, yet mild. Legend has it that Bethmale was a favorite of Louis VI's in the 12th Century. It is semi-hard, uncooked with a pressed curd, and has few pea-sized holes. Its naturally-forming rind is brushed and turned for two to three months to assist in its hardening. Serve this popular French cheese with ham, olives, almonds, and rustic bread for the perfect picnic. Surprisingly, Bethmale is a great melting cheese, too.

  • Made from pasteurized goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 9 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.