Bacon & Peas with Orzo - (Free Recipe below)

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Bacon & Peas with Orzo

  • 1/3 cup orzo (about 70 grams)
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • Olive oil
  • 2 strips of bacon (about 50-60 grams), chopped
  • A pinch of fresh mint leaves
  • A generous grating of pecorino

- Cook the orzo in salted boiling water as per package directions. About 5-7 minutes before the orzo is done, chuck the peas into the pot. When orzo is done and peas are soft drain in a colander.
- While the orzo and peas are cooking, heat a skillet over medium high heat. Add a scant amount of olive oil to the hot pan, swirl, and lay your bacon in. Cook bacon until almost crisp. Drain excess oil from pan (save those bacon drippings!) but leave some (about a teaspoon full…maybe a bit more, I won’t tell) in the pan.
- Add the orzo and peas to the hot pan with the bacon. Toss a few time and transfer to a bowl. Add the mint leaves to the warm orzo/peas/bacon and toss again. Top with a generous grating of pecorino. Enjoy!
- Serves 1 happy camper :)

Peas and bacon are a match made in the heaven I believe exists (along with hot showers + cold sheets, okra + shrimp paste, and good books + pajama naps). For me there is really something special about the pairing of smoky/fatty pork and green veggies. They complement each other perfectly in taste and balance each others’ intentions. And orzo, oh orzo, a pasta that looks like rice…I’m sold! Make sure to keep some extra pecorino on the side because you may just need an extra dusting when you’re at the middle of your bowl.

When C saw the photo of this dish he sat up with surprise saying, “Where did that come from?”. “I made it for my lunch while you were at work.” “Is that special food?”, he says. “No, it’s just something I made for myself…it isn’t really your type right?”. Not one for false flattery, he looked at me and said, “Not really” with a sheepish smile.

Afterwards though, I realized, it is special food…it’s mine. And if you’re a pea lover, it can be yours too :) Happy weekend!