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The Jam Stand 3 Pack - choose flavors

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Thrpkupka - Jam
3.00 LBS
$3.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Jam Stand 3 Pack - choose flavors

Choose your own assortment of our jammy flavors. This is an amazing gift for any occasion!

This set comes with three 9.5 oz jars. 


*You may only select 1 of each flavor.

You're My Boy BLUE-berry Bourbon Jam (blueberries, sugar, kentucky bourbon, vanilla, and all natural pectin)

Not Just Peachy, Sriracha Jam (peaches, sugar, lemon, Jojo's Sriracha, and all natural pectin) 

Drunken Monkey Jam (bananas, sugar, lime, rum, and all natural pectin)

Sweet Wino Onion (sugar, red onions, red wine, red wine vinegar, all natural pectin, and citric acid)