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Sunflower Lemon 22" Wall Plate

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Sulemp - Ceramics
25.00 LBS
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Antica Sunflower Wall Plate - other sizes and designs available    

Large wall plate
Size: 22"Ø

Custom orders available

No space is left unpainted in this colorful pattern, exemplifying the classic workmanship of Florentine artisans. Using the "graffito" technique, the ceramics is hand painted deep blue, then scraped out with a sharp, fine-point tool, thus exposing raw bisque and creating the curly effect that helps to add depth and perspective to the brilliant yellows and greens of the lemons and sunflowers. This beautifully executed product, was also created using the “Ingobbio” technique, is an antique Tuscan process that gives to these products a truly unique “Old World” look.