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Set of 2 Driftwood Candle Wall Sconces - 30" each

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Drifwscan - Wall Decor
12.00 LBS
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Driftwood sconce, naturally aged wood that has beautiful curves and bevels from being swept around the ocean and bay for ages. No cuts or saw marks/tool marks, 100% raw and ready to be displayed in your home. All the driftwood pieces that you see in my shop are collected from an area that is famous for shipwrecks. There is so much history in every piece of wood. The sconce is the one on the left side of the pictures.

Custom sizes of 30" long x 2


Measurements in the picture: This piece is 29" long, 5 1/2" wide, and will protrude from the wall @ 7". If you have any questions, let me know! FYI - I can custom make just about anything out of driftwood. If you have a custom design or idea, send me an email and I will do all that I can to exceed your expectations!