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Sea Turtle Hand Painted Wine Glasses

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Blturleha - Drinkware
5.00 LBS
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A pair of Sea turtle wine glasses hand painted Made To Order Art on Glass in cobalt blue waters with pewter grey to platinum grey scrolling motion in Art Nouveau styling. Beautifully styled glassware with a nautical theme. 
Painted Poetry Art on Glass is Uniquely yours & Like no other hand painted for you.

These designed wine glasses are one of my most time consuming and intricate layering pieces that are offered in my collection requiring up to two weeks for final presentation.
It is so worth the celebrated time and journey to complete each of these One of a Kind 'Moana & the Sea Turtle' wine glasses. 
An exclusive sackettdoodles® from Hints of the Galaxsea Collection

Due to the nature of hand painting techniques, each glass will have slight differences, however, adding to the unique characteristics of your Art on Glass making it Uniquely Yours & Like no other 

A custom design in 16 plus fluid ounce wine glasses stylized with my signature turtle back geometric design on each glass base