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Reclaimed Farm House Table Set with Chairs - 10 ' Table w/ 10 chairs

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250.00 LBS
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This magnificent table will more than just host meals. It will start family traditions. Bring everyone together and give them a seat too! This 10' table and 10 chair set is ideal for hosting big events.

Built using salvaged lumber from blighted homes in central Georgia, the dramatic tones and depth of this reclaimed wood gives each table a unique character. The table pictured was assembled using pine rafters from an abandoned home in Macon originally built in 1929. The table shown is 10' long, 4' wide, and stands 30" tall. The table width does not affect the price so we can make tables from 32" to 48" wide.

These tables are sealed with polyurethane for long-term durability. Although the look is rough cut wood, the finish is far from that. All of our tables are carefully sanded by craftsman that make sure there is smooth finish with no splinters to worry about.

We LOVE working with our clients. Before we make the table we typically stain a sample and send you a photo to ensure it is the right look you want. The first three photos are of the light stain while the last two are of the dark stain.

For custom sizes or questions, message us for details.