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Modern Wall Hanging / Room Divider Fish Tank

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100.00 LBS
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This very unique wall hanging fish tank is a fantastic accessory for any setting. The cords and filtration system are neatly concealed within the hanging tubes and the fluorescent light (included) beautifully sits atop the acrylic frame. The filtration system can be set for fresh or salt water fish.
Small hoses within the stainless steel hanging tubes carry water back and forth from the filter, which can be separately set anywhere (500 foot reach).
We set up installation if desired.


- 4 week shipping

- International shipping is available for this hanging fish tank

- Please contact us if express shipping is needed


- Made of acrylic fish tank, stainless steel tubes


- Height  ( 28.5")  5 Foot    ( 28.5")  6 Foot    ( 28.5")  8 foot

- Width   ( 59")                   ( 71")                   ( 95") 

- Depth   ( 14")                   ( 12")                   ( 12")


- 1 year warranty