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Italian Volcanic, Ceramic Tables & Counters

Our beautiful collection of tables are made of Etna lava stone and decorated by hand, ceramization on 950°C makes materials waterproof and resistant. Every table, on lava stone, is unique and indestructible because it’s decorated by a single draftsman and it can be used for outside or interior. The qualities which make volcanic stone ideal for kitchen counters also make it ideal for table tops. The finish we apply ensures the table tops are able to withstand high temperatures and that any liquid dropped would be easy to clean.  The volcanic top makes these tables scratch, stain and frost proof, making them ideal for outdoor use too. This ensures any custom design will not fade due to UV from the sun or aggressive stain removers. This makes our volcanic stone counters ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor kitchens. In fact, due to these properties, we have had requests for volcanic stone to be used for shop counters, outdoor bar counters as well as bathroom countertops, benches & stools.

Please contact us for special / custom orders. You can select any design, size & shape. email