Italian Ceramic Backsplash Tiles 8" x 8" - many sizes available / custom designs

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Italian Ceramic Tiles / Backsplash Tiles - many sizes available / custom designs

contact us for an estimate for your project -

4" x 4" reflects price

other sizes and custom backsplash designs


Our table tops are frost and water proof, resist salt and any other atmospheric agent, including low temperatures; they are shock and scratch resistant to any kind of cleaning agent.


This comes from a double firing process followed by priming over the surface that has to be hand painted. Then, painters and decorators, who are backed by years of experience and specialization, give their manual and artistic touches to the products. Paying attention to the smallest detail, they bestow on each piece a warm, luminous and antique feel, together with a beauty that is destined to grow day after day. These are the ingredients that contributes to the unique quality of our table tops, making each one of them a true Piece of Art.


We custom design all of our tables.


Please contact us for pricing which is based upon size, shape and decoration.


Also wrought iron bases and chairs are available on our website too.