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Huge Teak Lotus Wall Panel 60", other sizes available

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130.00 LBS
$42.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Using recycled rough-hewn teak planks from old dwellings and community buildings, hill tribe craftsmen in Thailand devote endless hours to hand-carve, sand, and wax this intricate lotus flower motif. To Thais, the lotus symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Our panels are crafted from reclaimed teak so prized that Thai families make them the centerpiece of a room. Each panel is cut into 12" sections that fit together for ease of shipping and mounting, and comes with recessed hanging hardware. These exquisitely detailed carvings help pay for new community buildings for each village. Each piece is truly unique; variations in wood color and carving will occur.

36" x 38" 

60" x 60" price as reflected

68" x 70"