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Hand Painted Roof Tiles Wall Art Italy - many designs to choose from

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Hproti - Wall Decor
10.00 LBS
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Decoupage/Hand Painted Antique Roof Tile from Massa Marittima, Italy.

TERRA COTTO - Italian: Baked Earth. Italy is a land full of history. With every step you feel and see old world architecture all around you. A vital part of Italian Architecture for ages has been the terra cotta tile. Having lived in Massa Marittima, Italy for 5 years restoring an old farmhouse I brought back 100 or so ancient tiles from Massa Marittima. Our contractor, whom we became close friends with (named Renato / "Titi" as his nickname) got them from one of the old buildings in the center square, called Piazza Garibaldi, near the duomo. He estimated the tiles to be around 215+ years old.

Each tile is a work of art and is signed by the artist.

The sizes of the coppi range from the large 18-19" high by 9-10" wide and the smaller coppi from 8-10" tall by 9-10" wide.