Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning - Flavored Popcorn


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Gopsesf - Popcorn
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Gourmet popcorn seasoning - flavored popcorn

Materials: Organic Spices, Conventionally Grown Spices, Sea Salt, Chiles, Cloves, Vanilla Beans, Natural Flavorings, Basil, Peppercorns, Dark Cocoa Powders, Cinnamon, Parmesan And Other Dairy Powders, Dried Organic Berries

You can choose four (4) flavors from our list:
Popcorn Seasonings:
- Amish Caramel - Beer (yes...we're serious...beer) - Butt-Kickin' BBQ - Chocolate Mint - Chocolate Mocha - Limited Supplies - Chocolate S'mores - Cocoa Caliente (a mix of dark chocolate and chilis that adds heat to the sweet) - Cool Ranch - County Fair Dill Pickle - Dark Chocolate - Garlic & Sour Cream - Hot Chocolate (David's grandmother's recipe) - Hot Wings (spicy) - Jalapeno (spicy) - Kettle Corn Classic - Ketchup (it really is tasty) - Key Lime Pie - Margarita - Parmesan Cheese & Italian Spices - Pumpkin Pie - seasonally available only - Pizza - Rich Chocolate Caramel - Salt & Vinegar - Spicy Cajun - Strawberry Vanilla Shake - Sour Cream and Onion - Sweet BBQ - Sweet Ginger - seasonally available only - Sweet Onion - Sweet Vanilla Chai - Vietnamese Cinnamon & Spiced Sugar - White Cheddar - Wild Blueberry - Limited Supplies Popcorn toppings with candies: - Kettle corn classic with tiny sugar hearts - Kettle corn classic with tiny autumn leaf candies - Kettle corn classic with tiny candy canes - Kettle corn classic with tiny Christmas tree candies - Kettle corn classic with tiny white snowflakes - Strawberry Vanilla Shake with tiny sugar hearts
We use organic sugar, gourmet sea salts, and both organic and conventionally grown spices and ingredients to create our handmade blends. We source as many of our ingredients as we can from small farmers, as well as some of the best suppliers overseas - from Hawaiian sea salts to European dark cocoa powder.
Each batch is made to order - which we do to make sure the spices are super fresh.
Each food-safe tin is labeled with our ingredients and sealed for freshness, and holds up to 2.5 ounces of topping. (That's enough for several bowls per flavor.) 
The weight of some tins is heavier than others. Why? The difference is in the weight of the ingredients we use. Our margarita, for example, a larger grain of sugar that we soak in organic lime juice, and then dry and grind down. So the end result is heavier than our beer, which is quite light weight and fluffy - or our Parmesan Cheese and Italian Spices (which is also fairly fine and has the lighter weight spices of basil and oregano).
All of our products are made to order, so we suggest that you enjoy our popcorn seasonings within 8 months from when you receive them. While the spices will still be safe to eat beyond that point, some of the flavors will begin to fade.
The tins come packed in a clear gift bag with instructions of how to use the seasonings and directions on how to pop popcorn the old-fashioned way.