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Fresh Strawberry Pie - One Dozen of 3" Mini Pies

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Strmpi - Pie
4.00 LBS
$6.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Materials: Butter, unbleached flour, salt, fresh lemon zest, sugar, corn flour, lemon juice, milk, icing sugar, egg, cinnamon, fresh strawberry, cream cheese

The perfect crust defines the perfect pie. Our buttery pie crust is a perfect complement to the sweet yet savory filling. The flaky yet substantial pie shell consists mostly of butter, egg, flour and unrefined sugar, giving it a rich, buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture. The crust is hand-rolled and molded into the perfect individual 3” diameter size miniature pie pieces. Since everything is made by hand, our strawberry pies will have a rustic appearance, and no two pies will ever look the same. Our cherry pie filling is sweet but not too overly sweet, we want to showcase the fresh strawberry filling without it being overpowered by sweetness. Our fillings are made from fresh strawberries, we source our ingredients locally and organically when possible and incorporate natural sweeteners such as honey, molasses and unrefined sugar in our recipes. The pies are sprinkled with unrefined sugar with a little dash of salt added which really brings out the fruit flavor.