Chocolate Chip Banana Bread - Two Large Loaves

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Chchbanlov - Bread
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Materials: bananas, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate chips, no preservatives added, unbleached flour

This order is for 2 Large Loaf of Homemade Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
Could there be a better type of bread than banana bread. I have been eating banana bread for as long as I can remember and I cant remember a single bite that I didn't enjoy. Then I decided one day I wanted to try something new, so I tossed in my favorite thing Chocolate. WOW is all I can say this bread is extremely moist and flavorful. Its loaded with ripe bananas, cinnamon  and Yummy chocolate chips. This is the only way we eat it now. Just let me know at time of order if you would like Walnuts in your bread or No Nuts added.
Bread is individually wrapped tight in cellophane right after baking to ensure freshness and shipped in a secure box