Beyond Meat The Beyond Burger - 4 oz- 40 per case

Beyond Meat

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Beyond Meat The Beyond Burger - 4 oz- 40 per case

Never again worry about catering to customers with dietary restrictions thanks to the Beyond Meat 4 oz. plant-based vegan burger patty! As one of the top restaurant industry trends, plant-forward eating is on the rise, and meatless dishes like this vegetable-based patty are on everyone's minds. Proudly display this name brand on your menu, and vegan and plant-forward patrons will gladly bring their business into your establishment. This burger looks and tastes just like a beef burger: juicy, meaty, and full of flavor. The proteins found in this burger are pea, mung bean, and rice, which provide a complete protein that's full of earthy and nutty flavors. Plus, beets are added to provide the red coloring that turns brown as it cooks, just like a beef burger! It even has natural marbling of coconut oil and cocoa butter throughout the patty to create the ultimate juicy burger.

Each burger contains 20 grams of plant-based protein, leaving every customer full and satisfied when they're finished dining at your establishment. This Beyond Meat burger can take the place of any beef burger, or can be an available patty option on your craft burger list, alongside turkey burgers or chicken patties. The Beyond Meat burger does not contain GMO's, soy, or gluten, and comes in pre-formed patties that are ready-to-cook. They can easily be prepared on the grill, stovetop, and griddle, and otherwise can be kept in the refrigerator until ready for use.

Beyond Meat is on a mission to change the way we look at our protein sources. They're determined to create a different means of eating that will directly benefit growing issues that are caused by the meat industry: global resource constraints, animal welfare, climate change, and our very own human health. Beyond Meat has created an extensive line of burgers, ground beef, beef crumbles, and sausages to make switching to plant-based proteins smooth and enjoyable. Create the same delicious burgers, tacos, and meatballs that your customers expect with the plant-forward option of Beyond Meat.