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Bamboo II Bamboo Beaded Curtain

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Bambo - Beaded Curtains
12.00 LBS
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Handmade and Hand Painted:
Each beaded curtain begins with approximately 4000 beads cut into 2.5" sections from natural bamboo stalks. The bamboo beads are then strung together by hand using wire to create a strand. 125 strands are then attached to a wooden hanging bar to create a bamboo beaded curtain. Finally, each bead and strand is individually hand painted producing the art you see on each beaded curtain. Since each bead is entirely painted the image is viewable on both sides of the curtain from any angle. 

Measures 36" x 79"

Highest Quality with 125 strands:
Our hand painted bamboo beaded curtains are currently the highest quality being manufactured. Each bamboo curtain is truly in a class of its own. As an importer of beaded curtains for nearly 10 years, we have learned by trial, error, and customer feedback. In our experience we have found 125 strands to be the ideal number of strands per curtain. This strand count provides curtain density, durability, and vivid image detail. With less than 125 strands, you lose density and detail in the painting. With greater than 125 strands, the bead diameter becomes too small making the beads fragile and prone to breaking.


Art meets Function:
Beaded curtains make a wonderful addition to any setting or decorum. With their many uses, bead curtains can be displayed in a variety ways. Hang them in a home, apartment, dorm room, business, vacation house, or even an office cubicle. You can even use them outdoors as long as they are protected from direct elements. We've had a set hanging on the wall of a screened porch in Virginia for more than 6 years and it still looks great. Some examples of uses include:


- as door beads hanging in a doorway
- as artwork hung on a wall
- as a beaded curtain over a window
- as a closet door
- as a room partition or divider
- in front of a bookcase or shelves
- as a fly and bird screen barrie


All bamboo beaded curtains arrive fully assembled and ready to easily hang.