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Autumn Thanksgiving French Provence Place Mats for Round Table Olives Branches in Gold - Set of 6

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Autumn Thanksgiving French Provence Place Mats for Round Table Olives Branches in Gold - Set of 6

Price reflects set of 6

These Shaped Place mats are specially designed to fit nicely a round table : no more overlapping place mats or having corners hang over the edge. 

They measure 19 3/4" at the bottom, 8 1/2" at the top, and 12 1/2 in high. 
Here you can choose a set of 2 place mats, 4 place mats, or 6 place mats.

These place mats are designed to be used on a square or on a rectangular inside or outside table: I made them in a Cotton Coated Fabric : our French oilcloth.

They measure 18 x 11 3/4 inches,

If you like to entertain you might love these place mats as much as we do you will love this!

Handmade from a French Cotton Acrylic Coated Fabric, The acrylic coating will make this tablecloth water repellent, as well as stain resistant.
Not only is it easy for you to clean it but it is also good for the environment since you rarely need to put it through the wash!:)
You can feel the coating to the touch but it still keeps the look of a cotton fabric.

The coating is PVC free,100% food safe. It is not glossy or shiny: it keeps the beauty of the natural cotton and lays nicely on your table as a cotton tablecloth would.Great for both inside and outdoor use. You will love to entertain with no worries about spilled wine or spaghetti sauce! Just relax and enjoy your company or your active kids:). 
Usually there is no real need to wash it. However it can be machine wash and dry. Please see detailed care instructions in the shop section 

If you are not to sure about the tablecloth size you need for your table, or if you need an extra wide tablecloth, please feel free to contact us with the measurements, and special requests.