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Antique Rustic Pavillion Gazebo

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150.00 LBS
$250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The total height is 127". From right to left the poles are 122". For those people needing the space at the bottom where it meets the ground right to left it is 124". The railing is 36" from the top to the ground and the actual rail is 32". The roof spans 134" since it overhangs the bottom a bit. The walkway opening is 56.5" wide. We try to get you the most accurate measurements but an inch here or there adjustments can be expected.

Proper anchoring will be your responsibility. The solid roof will trap wind more than our other open top gazebos. Call us if you need us to help you with this. Each location, whether it sits on grass or a hard surface will have a different solution. 

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