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12 Chardonnay Wine Bottles Chandelier

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Ccwbotc - Lighting
30.00 LBS
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Twelve Hock Style Chardonnay bottles surround a single large light bulb, creating a full moon effect.
Lamps are also offered in stainless steel, wrought iron, copper plate, nickel plate and even chrome plate. (we do our own custom nickel plating in the shop) Optional corks included with every order.
Colors to choose from: Satin Black, Wrought Iron Black Hammertone Bronze Hunter Green Gloss White, Flat White Brown Hammertone Silver Also other special colors are available
Bottle color options are endless.  Most common are Amber, Emerald Green, Champagne Green, Dead Leaf Green, Antique Green and Clear. Non-traditional colors are available with the most common being Frosted & Cobalt Blue.
Bottle shapes come in Hock, Bordeaux, Tapered Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tapered Burgundy.
Standard number of bottles per chandelier is 12 however any number is possible. 
You may choose between 1, 2, or 4 bulbs in the center pendant.  Wiring can also be individually strung through each wine bottle for additional cost.   Special stain glass bulbs are also available for additional cost.
Feel free to message me with any preferences, from bottle shape/color and metal type to number of bulbs you would prefer.
Vintage labels are also available upon request! 
~Customization is subject to price change~
Consider all the possibilities… To accompany your new chandelier, have a custom chandelier built to match for your kitchen or adjoining space. We can duplicate the same style in a smaller scale. From a single pendant to almost any number you wish. Please contact our design team and we can supply you with an AutoCAD drawing and we will work out your special needs. 
We try to use recycled bottles whenever possible but we do have access to a complete line of new bottles as well.
Chandeliers are all designed for ease of maintenance and are dishwasher safe. Just: lift to remove bottle array, place on flat surface and remove rods then flip over and place in dishwasher and within minutes it’s clean like new.
Chandelier is also offered sans electrical hook-up.